Sanctions and the origins of flagman

Sanctions is a “hot topic” in regulation. The present day trade wars show how they’ve become the political weapon du jour. 

This has created a potential minefield for financial institutions management and compliance as they consider current and future exposure risks. Key of course is to share this vigilance across the organisation. How do you ensure your employees are fully on top of the latest sanctions regulations?

The “old school” approach is forcefeeding lists of countries and policies – rather like a Victorian primary school teacher. Screen after screen of text-heavy information followed by a multiple choice assessment. Staff are conditioned to retain enough information to meet the short term objective of getting to the 80% pass rate. A week,  or even a day later, those brain cells have been redirected to other content.

There must be a better way! 

We’ve developed Flagman to offer a more effective, playful and engaging approach to sanction learning. Think Pacman meets Capture the flag. 

The user amasses points by gathering coins and flags of sanctioned countries. Capture the wrong flag or get caught by a chasing ghost and you have an informational time-out. Here a bite size learning pops up followed by a relevant question.

The competitive and intuitive nature means players want to naturally amass more sanction information. This helps them boost their score versus colleagues, get more playtime and reach a personal best. They end the game feeling more energised, at ease and informed – rather than frustrated and depleted.

Flagman is part of our Sanctions Immersion Module, which features a host of apps to help employees become fully sanctions-conscious. 

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