About us

RegHeroes helps you ensure your compliance priorities become embedded amongst your employees. Our immersion modules offer an engaging and rewarding learning experience.

How we help our clients

We help our financial services clients instil regulation-positivity amongst their employees, thereby 

  • Reducing the risk of malpractice and associated regulatory fines. For banks alone, AML/KYC/Sanctions non-compliance has cost $26 billion in 2008-2018 (Source: Fenergo
  • Enhancing employee morale and productivity by neutralising a common source of frustration. Harvard Business review notes employees often “resent” compliance programmes (Source: HBR)
  • Ensuring compliance training is aligned with the broader employee and wellbeing focused culture of the firm. 

We do this through immersion modules that incorporate

  • Gamification, thereby instilling a sense of “fun” and participation
  • Contextual learning, taking real world scenarios and content
  • Collaboration, allowing relevant content to flow between staff
  • Data science, ensuring short and long term learning outcomes are being met

Who are we?

The RegHeroes team draws on experience from the professional services, game development and educational sectors.


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