What is Immersive learning ?

We pride ourselves on our Immersion Modules. But what is immersive learning all about?

Immersive learning seeks to transfer information & skills through a shift in environment => transferring the audience to a more realistic, more playful and more engaging setting. This can be done digitally, it does not require jumping in a plane or bus!

We see this as badly needed in the space of compliance, where ordinary learning tools are often simple “copy-pastes” of the original, ultra-dry, legislation and policy wording. Same setting = same results. Sleep-inducing, hardly appropriate for teaching. No wonder even some risk / compliance officers rush through them in the last hours before the deadline.

Educational research around immersive and contextual techniques is growing. It is already finding that:

  1. Immersion techniques lead to a better learning outcome
  2. There is a range of ways of achieving immersion

Our modules typically include several immersion techniques. We continuously strive to assess what leads to engaged learning – mandatory fun! – and what doesn’t.

This could involve the use of…

  • Gamification
  • Peer to peer learning (eg. forums)
  • Realistic scenarios
  • Ranges of multimedia content
  • Humor / comedy

We look forward to helping you take advantage of the latest immersive techniques !

*For instance: Relations between student motivation, immersion and learning outcomes in location-based augmented reality settings – Yiannis Georgiou, Eleni A.Kyza

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